in 2012 i co-founded a soccer magazine called howler, and i went on to run it for 14 issues

a video i made for magculture to explain howler

our partners at kovert creative made this spoof

more on howler’s story and everything that goes into bootstrapping a soccer mag on the longform podcast

here are some nice things people said about howler

“a testimony to the beauty of print…. the magazine is constantly re-contextualizing the way in which we think about soccer.” —the new yorker

“a complete departure from every other football magazine.” —the economist

“the best expression of the state of soccer in america right now.” new york times

“the most visually distinctive soccer magazine in north america… a football magazine fit for aesthetes.” —the guardian

“brilliant” and “high brow.” —new york magazine

“a revelation.”  —sports illustrated

“a work of sport-fan art.” the paris review